Cebu Worldwide Instameet 15: A Day of Sharing Kindness and The Story Behind


“All of our hearts were filled with so much unquantifiable fulfillment.”

Last March 26, 2017, the Cebu Instagram Community has done an Outreach Activity for the first time in participation of the 15th installment of the Worldwide Instameet.

Worldwide Instameet is a bi-annual event where Instagram users meet and connect with their fellow users and participate in different activities related to a given theme. This season’s theme was “Kindness” and the Cebu community chose to conduct an Outreach Activity in a chosen barangay.

It was my first time joining an Outreach Activity but what made it more special is that I got to organize this kind of activity. At first, I was skeptical, in fact, I was asked to organize a month ago but I was busy back then. However, when I heard the calling, it urged me to establish the event even in short span of time.


In 2 weeks time, it was really a challenge. Finding participants, asking barangay officials, making the program and even looking for sponsors was part of the story. Luckily, the heavens were so good that we found most of them 2 days after the event was initially announced. That I realized that there are still plenty of people with a big heart willing to share their kindness and I’m super thankful and happy for that.


The days passed by hastily and the day has come. I went to the Barangay Hall 30 minutes earlier than the call time. I was half asleep because I went to bed late to finish some blog and a bottle of cold coffee helped me as a kick starter. The place was still unprepared, no barangay officials were still present and the Tanods-on-duty were clueless of the activity. I started to worry. Until few more minutes, the light of the tunnel shines brighter, a sign that this day is gonna be awesome. The barangay official arrived and did her thing to secure the place.

Gradually, Instagrammers arrived and helped us preparing the event place. We were just on the grounds of the Barangay Hall which was not that wide. Registration then went on.

Few minutes before 10, the kids were still few. We invited 50 kids but it was like 20 back then, we needed more. I asked Ate Nita (Barangay Official) about the participants and she said that they were still coming. We targeted to start the program at 10 AM sharp but it was not achieved as the kids were not yet complete that time. We were approximately 10 minutes delayed with the time, but the show must go on.

Finally, we will start in the few! The pretty emcee, Meljean of @meljeansolon cued the start of the program proper by asking everyone to settle down and with a prayer. After the holy prayer by Aiza of @aizaoplado, we were welcomed by Danica of @danosorio21 with her remarks that set the hype up. I was facing the kids and I saw excitement and happiness in their eyes. It was genuine!

The program proceeded right away to the Games after the Welcome Remarks. We were supposed to have group cheers and presentation before the games but was removed because of the time. The games committee then took over and started the games cheerfully. Before the start of the event, the kids joined by the grammers were divided into five groups.

The first game was called “Don’t break the Fita”. The kids are in pairs and they have to put a Fita (a biscuit) in their cheeks and walk without breaking or falling the biscuit, else they have to start over. The group that finishes all pairs wins the game.

The game started with a bang! The kids were cheering for their teammates. I could hear screams of excitement and cheers of happiness. It was surely fun to play (and to watch). The kids were so energized and their eyes were burning with courage to win the game. After few minutes of the game, Group 1 emerged as winners! Yay!

The next game was the most popular game of a TV show where players are presented in front as a line facing the audience. The host then puts the microphone randomly to players and supposed to say “Hep Hep” while clapping their hands then the host puts the microphone to another play and supposed to say “Hooray!” while raising their hands in the air. So the game begins with 2 representatives per group in front. Meljean then randomly puts the microphone fastly to the players. There were attentive kids that get to quickly say “Hep hep” or “Hooray” while others were shocked and just smiled thus eliminating them from the game.

The pace of the game went fast as few players were left. Few moments of confusing Hep Heps and Hoorays finally arouse the winner – Group 2! Yay!

The last game (because it was almost 11:30) was a Pinoy favorite. It’s where players get to form a scene for 30 seconds that was picked by the host and freeze when the time is over – it’s Paint Me a Picture! By this time, the game was participated by all members of the group. The more the merrier indeed!

The game started with a “Kasalan” (marriage) scene. The kids quickly formed with creativity, some even had photographers and some even had Sto. Niño. It was surely fun and exciting. Some of the pictures painted were “Paanakan” and “Earthquake”. One most unique and fun part was in the “Earthquake” scene. While other kids were below the tables doing their duck, cover, and hold, there was this girl who sat down but showed her phone and took a selfie! The grammers of the group said that it was for a Facebook status! Hahaha! Hilarious!

Our judge was from our generous sponsor – Virginia Food, Inc. picked the winner and the group who got 3 points won – Group 5! Yay!


The time flew so fast and the games were done therefore it’s lunch time! Virginia Food, Inc. prepared delicious packed lunch and bottled water for kids. The faces of the kids were genuinely joyous as they received their food. Some were excited (or were starving from the energetic games lol) to eat their food that had them sit around the corner. Some kids asked if they can take it home. Of course, we allowed them. But! We had a group picture first before releasing the kids. *Picture! Picture!*

It was priceless! Seeing the kids enjoy and be full from the delightful meal was everything. I was laughing and smiling most of the time because the kids were too cute to handle. They’re funny actually. Also, I was really glad that time because the event was successful amidst the short span of time to organize this kind of event.


To thank the Instagrammers, we formed a big circle and started the real “meetup” as we got to introduce our names and Instagram handles. First timers got to share their experience and they were thankful for being part of the program. Gracious goodness, it was gratifying! I was the last to introduce (para closing remarks haha) and I sincerely thanked everyone who attended and helped during the day and to the people behind the success of this event. Also to my co-organizers, Master Lei of @awesome.lei, Master Will of @willjr42 and Master Marco of @countocram, Thank You! I also expressed my gratitude to our generous sponsor – Virginia Food, Inc. – without them, this Instameet would not be possible.

The event ended with so much happiness and satisfaction. Of all the things and circumstances we encountered in a short period of time, I could say that it was all worth it! Not bad for my first Outreach Activity that I got to join and organize.

Again, thank you very much for everyone’s help and urge to share kindness. I hope that this deed would not stop after the event and would continue showing it day-by-day throughout our lives.

‘Til next time!

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