Cuernos de Negros Part 2: Ascending to the Highlands of Negros

cuernos de negros

I could not contain the excitement as I stretched the muscles of my arms and legs. This is really is it, is it! THIS IS CUERNOS DE NEGROS! I was 80% awake and the other 20% were still sleepy. We were at the jump off of Malungcay Trail at Dauin, Negros that moment. Half of an hour after 9, hence commenced the most awaited trek!

Cuernos de negros

The longing soul of extreme adventurers immediately kicked in that I voluntarily headed the trail next to the guide. It was all good when the guide turned right 5 minutes after we started and went into a direct assault.

This is Part 2 of Cuernos de Negros series. If you haven’t checked out part 1, click here. To see the full list of the series, click here.


Cuernos de negros
Eto a talaga bes! It was hence the start of the major climb! We went into an open direct assault trail that my knees quickly trembled. I could feel my knees popping and calves throbbing from the inside in every step I took onwards. Mr. Sun greeted us with a big smile and welcomed us with his warmth. We went to a narrow passageway of the mountain and the stunning view of Negros was leaving our jaws dropped. It was awesomely rewarding but it was reciprocated with exhaustion. Few moments later, we reached to a local’s hut and took a quick break. Ang bilis naming napagod haha! Water bottles were refilled and some of us already ate their trail foods. It was indeed a great way to start the major trek! (Insert sarcasm here)

Cuernos de negros
Should we continue? It’s the last chance to surrender because in a few hours later, there’s definitely no turning back!

The climb recommenced after that quick break and everyone was eager to continue. Every step we took to the inclined trail equates the determination to pursue and grab the achievement. We reached beautifully crafted trees amidst the open trail and then the forests. It was so picture perfect that most of us grabbed their own phones and took some snaps not knowing that we were already causing some delays. With that note, I decided to be the last person on our trail because I was filming for my vlog. Junji of Wandering Feet PH also did the same.

Cuernos de negros
Walk, snap, film – that’s what we mostly did along the trail. Well, #ParaSaVlog hahaha!

Cuernos de negros
The assault continued for the next few hours until we passed through different kinds of trails. We went through rock boulders, slippery wet mud, thick lush of trees and even narrow passageways that would really test our limits.

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After a few hours, we reached a plain that was being surrounded by mountains. We went to a hut found there and had our famished stomachs stuffed. The team was only given 30 minutes for the break because we were a bit late. So I immediately devoured my not so crispy fried chicken bought from the eatery during breakfast for around 10 minutes. And do you know what I did for the remaining time??? Yes, you’re right! I grabbed the opportunity to sleep as soon as Baymax (one of my friends) placed his tarp that served as a mat on the floor. No rocks could hinder me from sleeping after that yummy lunch and draining trek so I slept like a panda. *snores*

“Ciji, mangadto na daw”, oh crap! We’re going and I still wanted to sleep! But yeah, we have to recommence our trek because we were not even half yet!


Cuernos de negros
Walk, walk, walk (in tune of Rihanna’s work)

Sige pa ta ani mga bes? After that refreshing lunch break, we were back to the endless direct assault! There then we saw the beauty of Mt. Talinis goes nearer as we took every step. The scenery changed when we entered the forests. The thick lush of trees and the cold breeze right away greeted us. It was like the forest spirits were embracing us as we pass through their home. Kinda creepy, eh? But nah, it was rejuvenating. We finally started descending through slippery muddy trail after an hour or two. Like the usual, I tend to be more clumsy when descending because I could not clearly see the trail especially if it’s really steep. Thus, I tend to get even dirtier than the others. Yagit mulang bes. Hahaha!

Cuernos de negros
We took a short quick break (again) and refilled our stomachs with the club’s favorite – H&Y Taro Jelly Aces. We pursued with the trek and ascended again. This time we reached the Lagnasan Trail where you really need to be extra careful with the huge rocks. It’s like river trekking in Budlaan, Cebu but without a river. Thus, our inner ninjas went out – it’s morphin’ time!

A few moments later of walang katapusang assault, at last, we finally reached the famous camp site of Cuernos de Negros, Lake Nailig.


Cuernos de negros day 1
The grandeur and beauty of Lake Nailig were so amazing that we forgot the body pains and exhaustion from a day of the trek. The cold wind greeted us with a stunning clearing. The lake was vast and was being surrounded by thick and tall trees. The water was so clear, cold and clean that I felt happy and invigorated as soon as I dipped my tired feet.

Luckily, the weather was great that day and the water of the lake was low and we had one comfortable campsite.

Cuernos de Negros Day 1
After savoring moments of the lake, we went to the campsite, pitched our tents and prepared our dinner.

Also, one thing I like about trekking Mt. Talinis is that there are a bunch of water sources. I only brought 2 liters rather than the usual which is intended for our own personal consumptions. That night, our water source for our food was from the lake. That’s how clean it was! But be extra careful, don’t directly drink the water from the lake, have it boiled first.

The dinner was served and we were like zombies rushing towards an innocent hooman and devoured immediately. We were really starving and as always, every food becomes delicious in the mountains. The tasty dried fish, hot misua soup, healthy chayotes with tuna. Ughhh so festive!

Each of our dragons was stuffed that hit us some baboy syndrome. Hence, no socials were done and decided to rest early to fully regenerate for another day of exciting exhausting adventure!

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Itinerary so far…

09:30 am – Start Trek!

12:50 pm – Lunch break

1:30 pm – Recommence trek

5:00 pm – ETA Nailig Lake

9:00 pm – Lights out

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