Cuernos de Negros Part 1: Drowsy Journey towards the Feet of Mt. Talinis

cuernos de negros


“It was extremely knee trembling, breathe grasping, bodily excruciating and I was walking like a zombie.”

The hearts of the eager adventure-seekers embarked on a long journey towards the highlands of Negros Oriental. Neither lack of sleep nor bad weather could wither as these warriors are set forth for an exceptionally exciting adventure.

Cuernos de Negros or popularly known as Mt. Talinis is one of the nearest mountains for major climbs from Cebu City with very minimal expenses. It is situated in the highlands of Negros Oriental and it is the 2nd highest mountain in the Negros Island. Its difficulty ranges from 5-7 depending on the trail you choose from.

This is Part 1 of  Cuernos de Negros series. To see the full list of the series, click here.


It was Thursday night when we started the journey. Most of us were still from the stress from the workplace yet everyone was so thrilled for the upcoming days. We were supposed to ride the last bus trip at South Bus Terminal going to Liloan Port, Santander; however, we weren’t able to catch it hence we waited for the first trip at 1 AM. We were like talking zombies as we were catching up with chitchats with friends while waiting.

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As soon as the bus went over, we immediately embarked and knocked out to a deep slumber. Though I wasn’t really comfortable with my seat because my bag was too big, I still slept and I assumed that I snored. Hahaha! Bahala na si Batman basta matulog jud ko! We badly needed sleep and rest because we knew that an extreme activity awaits us for 3 days!

After almost 4 hours of sleeping, my body was quite recharged and was thrilled to ride the fast craft from Liloan Port in Santander, Cebu to Sibulan Port in Negros. But still, when I got the chance, my eyes voluntarily shut down and yeah, tulog nanaman ang four-eyed. Haha!



Unfortunately, the experience in the fast craft was one of my worst rides ever. The weather was not good that time and the waves were on its wrath. We were on the lower part of the fast craft thus the movement of fast craft can be more felt than the upper part. It was like in a seesaw that moves to and fro. I heard the sound of waves that splashes against the face of the vessel.  I was like a drunken passenger that could vomit anytime and it was really horrible! I tried to sleep but ugh, I really could not. 20 minutes seemed to be longer because of those terrible moments. As soon as the fast craft arrived at Sibulan Port, I felt even more stressed and weaker because of that experience that I hurriedly went out from the vessel. Hay salamat!

We then negotiated multi cab outside the port area going to Robinson’s Place at Dumaguete City. The weather was still gloomy so as my body.

While everyone was waterproofing their backpacks and things, our guide arrived and we exchanged handshakes and hi’s. But sorry sir kay duka pajud kayo hahaha! We went to the nearest eatery and had our quick breakfast.



The crunch and taste of the chicken and the protein of the sunny side up egg were enough to give a kick to my sleeping soul and it was effective! Adding a gulp of soda and I was alive! Haha! We then bought for that day’s lunch and prepared ourselves before riding a jeepney to the jump off at Dauin, Negros Oriental.



Cuernos de Negros Day 1
The time has come and we were rushing because we were a bit delayed from our itinerary thus we then rode the Jeepney. My mind thought that I was already alive from that breakfast but my eyes suddenly shut itself down.  So I was entirely sleeping while we were going to the jump off.

Oh Mr. Sun, Oh Mr. Sun, please shine down on me! Yeah! The weather gradually went great as we arrived at Maayong Tubig, Dauin, Negros Oriental. I was still a bit dreamy as we continued the journey to Malungcay, Dauin which is the jump off to Malungcay Trail.

My jubilant soul gradually kicked in and the rush of adrenaline aroused as soon as Cuernos de Negros went nearer and nearer in my four-eyes. It was magical! It’s like in the movies and it was surreal! This was it! This was the day I’ve been waiting and longing for. Char.

It was around half an hour of a bumpy motorcycle ride with our heavy backpacks loaded on.  We finally arrived and it then all started with a stretch of the arms. Dattebayo!!!

Watch My Vlog on Cuernos De Negros Day 1:

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Itinerary so far:

Day 1 –

1:20 am – ETD to Liloan Port from South Bus Terminal Cebu City

4:20 am – ETA Liloan Port, Santander, Cebu

5:00 am – ETD to Sibulan Port, Negros Oriental

5:25 am – ETA Sibulan Port

5:50 am – ETA Robinsons Place, Dumaguete City

6:10 am – Breakfast

07:00 am – ETD to Dauin, Negros Oriental

7:40 am – ETA Maayong tubig, Dauin, Negros Oriental

08:20 am – ETD to Malungcay Jump off

09:00 am – ETA Malungcay Jump off

Expenses so far…

Bus Fare: Cebu City to Liloan Port – P200/pax Ceres with AC

Fast Craft Fare: to Sibulan Port – P62/pax

Jeepney Fare: Sibulan to Dumaguete Port – P20/pax

Breakfast and Lunch: P90

Jeepney Fare: Dumaguete City to Dauin – P20/pax

2L Drinking Water – P70

Motorcycle Taxi Fare to Malungcay Jump Off – P75/pax



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  • Larissa Mae Tan

    lingaw man jud ka mag.storya oi 🙂

  • hannafrej

    Wow, it must have been one hell of a ride. 😐 When I went to Mt. Talinis, our group made sure that we ride a boat going directly to Dumaguete City so we can still get some sleep. We didn’t want to waste our energies transferring from a bus, to a fast craft, and then another vehicle towards the jump-off, especially that we followed the Apolong Route, which is the 2nd longest trail. We were strict to adhere to our schedules. hahaha!

    Nevertheless, your mishaps added spice to your journey to the Horns of Negros! You all deserve a pat in the back. 🙂

    • I personally would’ve wanted to ride the boat so that I could get some sleep. But the universe decided and gave us bunch of work hence we were left no choice but to ride the bus to accommodate our time constraints.

      Bantay lagi walay pat in the back ha. hahaha

  • Adrenaline Romance

    Nice! It’s been some time since we climbed Mt. Talinis. Would definitely want to go back there again. 🙂

    • foureyedlaagan

      Indeed! I would’ve wanted to revisit because we failed to reach the summit that time but it was surely fun! It’s in my Part 3 🙂

    • foureyedlaagan

      and thanks Sir Gian! 🙂

    • Thanks Sir Adrenaline Romance! I saw your Mt. Talinis blog too and it’s awesome!

  • What an adventure and part 1 pa lang ni. I can certainly feel the tiredness and sleepiness, haha. I can remember my office days na ang outing kay Saturday after shift so walay tulog pirme. Good thing you were able to sleep for a few hours. I don’t think trekking and mountain climbing with no sleep is a good idea. LOL.

    • haha! Lesson learned? Mag early out para maka-pahulay pa. haha

  • Kagrabe ba ani nga adventure oy! Kung ako ani nakuyapan na tingae ko haha. But I’d still love to try trekking!

  • hishiddenletters

    Ahhh! I really want to join this but I lack almost all of the things need to trek. Hahaha! One of my goals this year is to join at least 5 overnight treks, regardless if its minor or major. Kakayanin! Hahaha!

  • Emelie Anggoy (of Emelie Empir

    Wow, adventure pa more! Nice2. I can’t imagine myself bringing bag that’s way heavier/taller than me huhu 🙂

  • Wow! I’ve never heard of this place before!

  • Wandering Soul Scamper

    My bad, I was not able to get enough sleep while on the bus. As far as I can remember, I only have about an hour or so of sleep plus a dizzy ride on the fast craft. Also, it is still fresh on my mind about that a bit gruesome jaunt to the jump off. It was a hell of a ride. We even get off from our motorcycle several times due to that very rough road.But thank God, we arrived safely and all of us did arrived in one piece.

  • I am pretty sure, you wanna do it again very soon. The first part seems to be an adventure of its own na daan. Looking forward to all the parts.

  • Always a fan of our vlog and travel, Ciji. Been influenced to do mountaineering because of your blogs haha pero naka decide ko nga mag dagat nalang kay medyo affordable ra hahaha… I hope i can find myself in freediving 😀
    This is a good read (Y)

    • foureyedlaagan

      Thanks Welbs!

    • Thanks Welbs! Mas affordable man ang bukid 😛

  • Channel Imperial

    Di ko magtuga-tuga katkat diha. Nalipong man gani ko padulong sa bukid asa na-crash si Magsaysay. Diha pa kaha? Mao ni giingon nga dapat nako mag-exercise. Hahahaha! Di ba 4-Eyed Spectacles?

    • Mt. Manunggal is the mountain where Magsaysay’s plane crashed. haha! Workout na Shanky 😛

  • Tips for you: always wear your glasses. Hahaha. Just wondering, do you bring books while traveling?

  • Maurice Jitty Villaester

    Dili ba kapoy mukatkat og bungtod? Kapuyan naman gani ko og katkat og hagdan. Lols.

  • Ramzy Magbitang

    What an awesome trip! If I have to be honest, I was kinda jealous that you guys get to go on cool trips like, all the time. Hahaha. Always pretty awesome to see your guy’s adventures!

  • Jullian Robin Sibi

    That was a pretty weird start to your trip! Hope it gets better in the next parts! Still jealous, you know. Hahaha.