Secret Paradise of Hidden Beach Resort, Aloguinsan, Cebu

Going somewhere especially mountains and beaches are always a great getaway from the daily rush and congestion of the city. It gives a significant breather that everyone needs. The pleasant sound of the sea breeze, the quiet surrounding and the relaxing vibe that beaches always provide makes it a perfect paradise.

Hidden Beach Resort is no exception with its white fine sand and wide seashore giving you ecstatic vacation you long for. The resort offers native accommodations that provide province-like living worthy for a lovely night.

This resort is located at one of the corners of Aloguinsan, Cebu. Aloguinsan is a 4th municipal income class municipality in the provice of Cebu, Philippines (source Wikipedia). It is located 59.1 km away from Cebu City (source Google Maps) which equates to a 2-hour travel to the hidden kingdom of the province. It is well-known with top tourist spots – Bojo River Cruise and the Hermit’s Cove – and it’s just one of the many affordable accommodations by the beach in this side of Cebu. A lot of people, especially tourists, don’t know that there is a more accessible paradise than Bojo and Hermit’s Cove in the province that provides one rejuvenating getaway.

I’ve been to Hidden Beach Resort twice and I like to go back! There are plenty of reasons why I wanted this resort and here are those:

  1. Accessible to any type of vehicle

The realm of Hidden Beach Resort is more accessible than Bojo River and the vehicle-deadly Hermit’s Cove. Though it is literally hidden, the terrain is flat and more of a grass field. Though there are parts that tend to be rocky yet even a small scooter can reach the resort. There is a street from the Aloguinsan Highway going inside the resort.

On my first visit, we had a mini-bus get inside until the open fields. While on my second, I had my Yamaha Mio I 125 scooter entering the resort. This comes to prove that any type of vehicle can get to the resort.

  1. White Fine Sand

What could beaches offer that I love most is the white fine sand! I love to roll over, lie down, play with the sand and run around. It brings out the jubilant child in me. The seashore, by the way of Hidden Beach Resort, is vast enough to become a playground of lost souls and jubilant adventurers. It is also capable of accommodating hundreds of people because of its wide area.

Hidden Beach aloguinsan

I tried sleeping on the fine sand and I love it. It’s like a comfortable hotel bed with a view of the milky way galaxy. Wait, is this the billion-star hotel? Definitely!

  1. Lovely Turquoise Sea Water

Hidden Beach aloguinsan

Paired with the white fine sand is the lovely turquoise sea water that Hidden Beach Resort offers. It’s significantly clean enough for you to enjoy swimming and do some water bending (I meant playing lol).

  1. Relaxing Accommodations

The resort offers mini-huts for people who wants to get the most out of their vacation. The rooms are designed perfectly to give you a lovely experience beside the beach. It has a mini-balcony providing the view of the seashore and the turquoise sea. Though it does not have air-conditioning units inside the rooms, the chilling wind breeze is enough to cool down the temperature of the nipa hut. It’s basically a provincial life that really makes difference on what we live in the city.

  1. Cheap Rates!

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I’m a budget traveler and what I love about this beach is its cheap rates! For only P50 (day use), you get to enjoy this hidden paradise. Table costs around P150 and cottages for P400. If you wish to spend the night, entrance fee becomes P70 and cottages becomes P600. Room rates also start from P600 good for two. Take note, Hermit’s Cove does not allow overnight use so where would you go if you want to gaze stars and spend the night at the beach? Hidden Beach Resort it is!

  1. Peaceful Paradise

Hidden Beach aloguinsan

For me, Hidden Beach Resort has the perfect edge with its peaceful surroundings. The resort is far away from the residential thus noise only comes from other travelers. Ear-pleasing sound of the waves, the sea breeze and the crickets is what you hear most. Unlike popular beaches in Lambug, Badian or Basdaku, Moalboal where there a lot of people that tends to destroy your stress-free vacation because of their rah-rah.

  1. Refreshing Vacay!

When I think of Hidden Beach Resort, I think of a refreshing vacay! It’s not the typical resort where numerous amenities are available like watersports, sardines run and the like but what I like most of this resort is its calming and peaceful environment that gives a rejuvenating vacay. Especially for those who wants to chill out instead of having a party, this hidden gem is a must try!

If you want to go for an escapade in the beautiful province of Aloguinsan, do consider Hidden Beach Resort if you like a refreshing getaway. When my schedule is freed up and I wanted to chill out and distress, I would surely go to Hidden Beach Resort, would you?


You can ride a mini-bus from Cebu City’s South Bus Terminal to Aloguinsan Market. After that, you can ride a motorcycle taxi going to Hidden Beach.


South Bus to Aloguinsan Market via Mini Bus – P80

Aloguinsan Market to Hidden Beach via Motorcycle Taxi – P30

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  • Man! I love places like this. Away from the noises but the lulling sound of the waves. Always a great place especially while talking with your friends or special someone or for solitary relaxation. Gaaahh!! Beach please!

  • Hahaha! Gamay ramag gasto dri.. mag motor rako. Kaw? Hahahah

    • Lana ray gamit nako. Konting pahid lang at ako’y lilipad na. Lol.

  • Rea

    If not for my friend who dragged me at the last minute, I won’t be able to visit Hidden Beach. Ang ending ako ra nag research. Haha. But like you said it’s peaceful. I like that it isn’t crowded at all. Simple lang ang life didto. Not pretentious. I didn’t even swim kay low tide. So I just slept under the tree. Hehe.

    • Ohh, how I wish life could be as simple as sleeping under the tree, listening to the whisper of the sea breeze. No work, no pressure, just chilling…. hahahaha

  • Amazing write up about Hidden Beach.. kaw na jud Cijeh!

  • Hidden Beach is a great destination. This is one of the first beaches where Sheila and I visited as a couple. 🙂

  • We’ve been there when we were still kids, and it looks so different now! Hoping to go back there again.

  • Chan

    Great post.

    Do we need to make an advance reservation sa stayhan? Or pwede ra walk in?

    • Hello Chan,

      You can contact them for reservations if you want to. And you can also walk in, as long as they have available rooms.

  • Haven’t been there before. But a secret beach and not crowded? WOW! where do I sign up? Lol.

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  • Hidden Beach is really a wonderful beach to go to if you want to get away from the city. Pero char jud kaayong featured photo oy. Hahaha

  • Wow! Another beach that’s worth going siguro! Maybe include this sa #HIBsters Outing? Hehehhe 😀

  • Great-looking beach! Cebu really is gifted with so much amazing beaches all around. 🙂



    It’s always baffled me why humans never evolved to marine mammals when our love for water is so evident. I mean, we could all have been mermaids (not Dinsey). Another species of humans might have turned to mermaids but they’re too smart for our kind. hahaha

  • Iv’e been to Hidden Beach Resort couple of times because my province is in Tutay, Pinamungajan and they are just closed to each other. The first time I went there, wala nko ma appreciate that was way back 2013. Until nisikat xia during the time nisikat sad ang Hermits Cove. The last time I visited the place was last summer of this year and it has a big improvement. 🙂

  • In addition, ni mahal na ilang entrance fee.hahahaha…Before that was like 15 pesos for adult then 10 pesos for kids 🙂

  • Another place that I have to visit. It’s been awhile wala ko kaligo ug dagat. huhuhu. You have to travel paman gud diri sa Cebu para maka-adto ug dagat. hehe

  • Hidden Beach is one of the most un-hidden beaches in the world. Last summer, manganhi ta mi but na-cancel. Will check this beach next summer kay murag nindot gyod laagan da.

  • Kat

    Kanang mag research ko ug mga beaches sa Cebu kay naa jud ni sya sa recommendation/results. Gahh, I’d love to go here! Mga Hibsters pod unta manganhi aw hahaha

  • This beach is hidden no more! Haven’t been to a lot of beaches lately… Gezz, mountains got in the way. HAHAHA

    Anyways, soon if I can have an easy mode of transportation, will visit these places in just a beat!

    Great featured photo, este great post! 🙂

  • I never been here. I might take a roadtrip there one of these days. I really want to explore Aloguinsan. I read so many good things about this town.

  • I’ve read about this beach for a while now but have yet to visit it. I’d love to camp by the beach again and this looks like an awesome space.

  • Carlo Marturillas

    Is it okay if we’ll bring our own tent?