5 Reasons Why Kinason Beach Resort at Midway White Beach Rocks!

Kinason Beach Resort is located at Midway White Beach, Initao, Misamis Oriental, an hour away from Iligan City. Kinason is one of the three resorts in Midway White Beach along with Minikay and Moonbay.

This faraway gem is a perfect place for family and group gatherings and recreational activities that will indeed make the moments the best out of it. We actually had when we had our reunion last June and one word – AWESOME!

Why Kinason Beach Resort at Midway White Beach? Let’s find out why it rocks!

  1. Pristine Water and Wide White Beach Shoreline

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Oh that beach!

The beach offers astounding pristine waters and wide white beach that will let you forget the fiery heat of the sun and enjoy playing around. But oopsie! Please be cautious not to stumble because the seafloor is a bit rocky from afar :).


Bonfire along the seashore


I grew up in Iligan City but settled for now in Cebu City and I did not expect that an hour from my hometown brings a beautiful paradise. Midway White Beach will let you feel like you are on classy white beaches from around the Philippines, like Boracay and even Moalboal of Cebu! Truly perfect for nearby residents who wish to enjoy this nature’s offering!

  1. Perfect for Family Reunions and Gatherings


Family picture!



With the wide beach shoreline and great accommodation, this is an impeccable destination for family reunions and gatherings. We were able to relish the moments when we were here during our family get-together. The resort also offers a prodigious area for activities, games, and bonding!

  1. Stunning Sunset

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Just amaaazinggg

Taking for granted that the beach itself is stunning, the experience exponentially intensifies with the jaw-dropping lovely sunset. Aahhh, makes me think and brings realizations what a wonderful world it is!

  1. Affordable Rates

With the elegant offering of the beach and the sunset itself compensates an affordable rate! Room rate ranges from Php 1,200 to Php 5,000 depends on the size and capacity. We took the two 24-person dormitory-type room because we were many! Kinason also offers beach cottages, resto, and a multi-purpose hall. There is also an entrance fee of Php 25 per person upon reaching the resort.

  1. Comfortable Accommodations


One of Kinason Beach Resort’s accommodation

Kinason Beach Resort offers great accommodations that will make your stay more enjoyable. We had the dormitory-type room and it was great and spacious. We had the kids and the adults enjoy the place.

They also allow pitching tents at the shoreline with Php 100 charge per tent.


Thanks to Kinason Beach Resort for making our family gathering splendid and noteworthy! If I’ll go home again in Iligan City, if I have the chance, I’ll definitely come back! Are you?

For inquiries/reservations and other arrangements, contact +63 905 808 0498, +63 905 390 0757, +63 918 957 3136. You may also visit their facebook page: www.facebook.com/kinasonatmidway

How To Get There?

Initao is located at approximately in the middle of Iligan City and Cagayan De Oro City. You might now understand why it’s called Midway 🙂

If you’re from Iligan City, you can take the bus from the North Bus terminal. Usually, routes are going to CDO but you can ask the driver to drop you off Midway White Beach at Initao. It’s an hour long trip.

If you’re not from nearby places in Iligan City, the Laguindingan Airport is just 25 minutes away from the resort. There are vhires and bus going to Iligan City. From that, you can ask the driver to drop you off Midway White Beach at Initao.

Rates (taken from the facebook page):

Rooms good for 2 with Complimentary Breakfast:

Yellow Room – 1,700

Black Room – 1,800

Bamboo A, B, C – 1,200

Orange Room (with hot and cold shower) – 2,200

Dormitory Rooms:

10 pax room – 2,500

20 pax room – 4,500

25 pax room – 5,000

Family Rooms with Complimentary Breakfast:

Red Room (4 pax and twin bed) – 2,500

Green Room (7 pax with single bed each) – 3,800

Beach Cottages with Washing Area and Restroom:

ARAA Cottage

DEE ANN Cottage

Multipurpose Halls:

Boo Hall – 4,500

Resto – 4,500

Resto with Unlimited Karaoke – 5,000

Kinason Hall (with AC) – 10,000

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  • I am not real fond of beaches, but I always love to feel the sea breeze kissing my surface while watching the sun slowly resting below the horizon. Your reasons have convinced me enough to surely visit the beach soon, since I haven’t been in that respect. I like how you convey your travel experience through your words that really fits with your stunning photos. Keep traveling and writing!

  • The rates are insanely cheap. I don’t know much about profit but what the hell – with their rates, you can probably spend like a week there and all have complimentary breakfast! HAHA!

  • Ganahan na jud kaayo ko molaag og Mindanao ba. Upon seeing these pics, I’m now craving to check out these places kay cheap kaayo ang rates. By the way, aside from this, unsay nindot laagan nga beach sa Mindanao nga dili kaayo mahal ang rates? 🙂

    • Nindut jud ilaag sa Mindanao! Hhmmm I’m afraid I can’t tell because most beach of my hometown, Iligan City, is not as beautiful as this and I’m sorry. But! We have more destinations to go, waterfalls, adventure parks, spring pools! Tungod ani nuon excited nako muuli! Haha. Thank you!

      • Waterfalls! I love to explore anything with water. I hope to visit Iligan sometime summer next year! 😀

  • Kung dghag wawart, why not? Hahah

  • So many places to visit, so little time 🙁 Someday, someday.

  • i’m not a beach person because i prefer the beauty of the bukid. haha. but sometimes, visiting a beach gives me a different sense of comfort. i might visit this place if i ever find myself in mindanao one day.

    p.s. first time to visit your blog and i like it! 🙂 cheers to more laags in the future!

    • Me too! I honestly prefer mountains and waterfalls than beach haha! (mao siguro usa pa akong blog about beach)

      Wow! Thank you for liking my blog! Cheers to more laags! Pwede siguro magkuyog ta ninyu ug trek?

      • Yes, I’m actually planning to organize an activity sa CBC. November or December na lang kay I have climbs all weekends sa October in preparation for Mt. Talinis. hihi

  • I have a handful of friends in Iligan and I think I’ve heard them mention this place in passing maybe a couple of times. It looks pretty great and the rates are craaazy affordable too! I might try going if ever I do get a chance to visit the area soon!

  • Never really been to Iligan but after reading your post it made me realize that our country is really full of affordable places that can really be worthwhile in the Social Media age. I would love to check out this out and the other places that you featured in your awesome blog. Thanks!

    • Indeed! There are 81 provinces with their own unique hidden gems that we have to go to! Thanks a lot Sir!

  • Rea

    I love the beach! But I haven’t been to Iligan. CDO lang. Hehe. I love your family pic and the sunset too! Sunsets make me dance, haha! Daghan cguro kinason sa Kinason Beach Resort? 😉

    • You should visit Iligan sometime! Many waterfalls to explore! 😀 (oopss which reminds me of my backlogs hahaha)

      Wow! Lemme see daw how you dance! 😀 hahaha.. .hhhmmm wala ko kita ug kinason, bato ra dghan hahaha that’s why it rocks! 😀

  • Soonest, I will be visiting in Cagayan De Oro since I have friends here invited me to go along with their province. I will suggest this Kinason Beach Resort. Which is near to this resort? Iligan or Cagayan De Oro?

  • Hmmmm, these seems like a great place to spend our semestral break here, surely Jay and I would suggest this to our family 🙂 – Gee

    • Yes, you should! You may also check others spots in Iligan City and Cagayan de Oro for your vacation to be worth it!

  • I have never been to Iligan, but its sure as hell, part of my bucket list. Thanks for this Chris. I’ll check this place out if ever I’m in Iligan. =)

  • I think Iligan is not too far from my hometown, Dapitan. I always love going to beaches even if I don’t really know how to swim..haha! I a sucker of sunsets and I just love how you capture it! The beach doesn’t look overrated and that’s one good point tourists are looking for. I hope I can visit this place soon.

  • Wowwwww! The place really looks nice and the rates are really really affordable! Sus if daghan pa lang mi kuyog! Maybe in a future trip with my girlfriend. Hehehe

  • Yes, Iligan City is called as “City of Majestic Waterfalls”. There are a lot of nearby waterfalls you can enjoy with. 🙂

  • Thanks for the detailed post! Would love to visit there soon! 🙂

    x, Kat of Nested Thoughts

  • Awesome! I’ve never been to Iligan before and it’s definitely on my list. The resort is a little too pricey for us though (stingy travelers) but if we travel with at least 10 in the group (very, very rare), I’ll probably consider checking this place out. 😀

    • Can I join to make it 10? Haha Just kidding! We’ll there are still other options that surely need a visit in Iligan City like waterfalls, right?

      • Oh, definitely. When the stars align, we could all travel somewhere (HIBsters). Hahaha. Hopefully that will happen soon! 🙂

  • sooperelmoh88

    Wow! Just knew that you are from Iligan City John! I am actually from Lanao del Sur, and I studied in MSU-IIT for a year. Reading your Kinason Beach blog entry felt so nostalgic, as I was able to visit this place once. You are right when you said that when you are here it will be noteworthy. I still have to check on your other trips, it seems you had a lot. 🙂

  • Indeed, the sunset in Kinason Beach is stunning! It reminds me of humanity’s downfall. It’s beautiful and sublime, leaving you with the pain and pleasure of denouement. Isn’t it weird why we enjoy watching sunsets? Maybe it’s a daily reminder that all of us, someday, would experience the beautiful closing of our theater’s curtains.

  • Indeed, the sunset in Kinason Beach is stunning! It reminds me of humanity’s downfall. It’s beautiful and sublime, leaving you with the pain and pleasure of denouement. Isn’t it weird why we enjoy watching sunsets? Maybe it’s a daily reminder that all of us, someday, would experience the beautiful closing of our theater’s curtains.


  • Wow i was looking for a good place to stay for a week to have an relaxing time before my 2nd semester starts. 🙂

  • We should have an activity for the community for this. An out of time activity and I think this place works.

  • Lucio Luciano

    Do they have water sports activities like what they have in Blu Sands? Appreciate if you can let me know the rates if they have. Thanks.