Stronger Connections with PLDT HOME Telpad and Smart Watch Offer!

PLDT HOME Telpad Smart watch

Mothers are pillars of the society. Without them, they would be no us, apart from our fathers. They are called the “ilaw ng tahanan” for they are the homemakers that provide guidance and provide the soft side of the family. Modern day moms got stressed out from the demanding schedule both at work and at home.

Worry no more! Leading Philippine telco and digital service provider, PLDT, now offers a worthy and tech-savvy solution for ever thoughtful moms. PLDT HOME offers Telpad and Smart Watch for convenience and efficiency of monitoring the family when away with these innovative products. These products have remarkable features – Fam Cam and Smart Watch. Fam Cam is a home monitoring system that allows parents to check and communicate with their children. Also, a wearable and a personal favorite of Nate, the Smart Watch, has almost the same functions of a smartphone, PLUS an anti-lost feature!

PLDT Home aims to help families that worry a lot about their kids when being away from home by giving efficient products and services to give connectivity with the aid of technology.

Families like the Alcasids have verified the stronger connections that were brought with PLDT HOME’s new offer. With these products being offered by PLDT HOME equates to an effective use of technology within the family resulting to a happier surrounding.

I may not have a family like this, but I can imagine what it’s like when you have this one!

For more details about this brilliant upgrade, please see #StrongerConnections #PLDTHome

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