Paradise after Rage of Mt. Hambubuyog

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@JumzChino and @VivoMigsGee at Divine Mercy Chapel, Mt. Hambubuyog, Ginatilan ,Cebu

The rage of the storm does not hinder wandering souls to have another checks on their bucket list. Mt. Hambubuyog is definitely one of a kind!

It was Saturday noon when we arrived at Ginatilan Market after a 4-hour bus ride from Cebu City with awesome adventuregrammers, @vivomigsgee, @thelakwatsero, @roycats, @theislandboy, @emsmithcb, @iameleimath, @tonyericson15 and of course my tremendous pals @jumzchino and @wanderingsoulscamper. We had our lunch and last buy of some stuffs. It was sunny and never was a sign of storm.

After getting refreshed from the long ride, we negotiated motorcycle taxis and disembarked for an hour long of ride to Divine Mercy, Mt. Hambubuyog. Yes, Mt. Hambubuyog is just a ride all-the-way, no trek!

Few minutes later while riding habal-habal when nature started to show its tempest. On our way, most of the road is covered with thick fog and the wind chills just goes through our bones. After a few, the heavy rain showered!

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Zero visibility on the road

IT’S RAINING CATS AND DOGS! We did not expect that, but were prepared, but not that prepared. Lol. We had raincoats on now, but were already wet! Good thing we crossed into a house and took shelter until the rain stopped, or at least slowed down.

Few minutes later and the rain shower slowed down, so we continued our way to Divine Mercy with the motorcycle taxis.


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@jumzchino at Divine Mercy Chapel, Mt. Hambubuyog, Ginatilan, Cebu

Divine Mercy is a chapel atop of Mt. Hambubuyog. We went there for shelter while the weather is still not good. It’s drizzling and the fog is thick, not to mention the strong gale of wind. The weather is inconsistent, it’s gonna rain hard, then it’ll stop, then it’ll rain again. When time came that the weather calmed down a bit, me and my pals went down to find a good campsite. How are we supposed to find a good campsite when it’s zero visible? Being instead of getting pissed off, we even striked out poses, like we used to, and took snaps and even enjoyed the weather! What some silly crackpots!

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Three Silly Crackpots – @foureyedlaagan, @wanderingsoulscamper, @jumzchino

Then we found this campsite, it’s plain and good. Subsequently, we went back to the chapel to tell the others that we will setup the camps since the weather calmed down.


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Looking for campsite

We went back to the campsite with everyone and started pitching the tents when suddenly the storm showed its rage. The wind is fierce enough to broke the poles of my tent </3. I was about to cry but my friends helped me fix the poles hoping to get it pitched, but the force of nature is too strong that we decided to go back to the chapel and have our camp instead. The group was divided, the Adventuregrammers camped at the back of a residential house, while we stayed at the side of Divine Mercy. We had one tent good for two and we were four. How are we supposed to fit there?

We settled down and cooked for dinner and the usual, dinner and supposed to be Socials. We were not able to do it with the Adventuregrammers because of the bad weather. So the four of us, me, @wanderingsoulscamper, @jumzchino and @tonyericson15, had our own socials inside the tent. We got drunk and I don’t know what happened next.


I was so wasted that I had no retention of what happened that night. I had a good morning when suddenly Ericson and AJ gradually told me what happened.

I almost died! I guess, because I vomited a lot and I was running out breath, very cold, unconscious and they were trying to give warmth of my freezing body and forcing me to drink water to be relived. I can’t believe it until they show me the remains of the vomit. Well, greatest thanks to them for saving my life!


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Good morning Batanes! Oops! Ginatilan! lol

After that terrible story from Ericson and AJ from what happened last night, discovered the beauty of Mt. Hambubuyog when Mother Nature gave us clearing. We saw a 360-degree view. We were like in Batanes, really! Adjacent to the chapel is the open sea and Dumaguete, Mantalongon Ranges at the side and we can even see the seas of the other side of Cebu.

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Divine Mercy Chapel at the side
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View from atop! Paradise-like indeed

I can say that we needed that storm to realize that there’s always something fruitful and wonderful that will happen after some rigid complications. Just don’t give up!

We then had our breakfast and prepared for our next stops, Kandayvic Falls and Dau Falls of Samboan and oops! This will be coming soon for another blog post!


Bus fare to Ginatilan – P165

Motorcycle Taxi from Ginatilan Market to Divine Mercy Chapel – P150


The reason why fare of Motorcycle Taxi is P150 because they took the route in Samboan. You can drop off to Samboan, instead of Ginatilan and ride Motorcycle Taxi to Divine Mercy, Mt. Hambubuyog.

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  • Nice read Johnny! I ‘ll write the missing details on my blog haha

  • Super ayos!

  • Thanks jummy! Haha

  • Nangita rajud diay mig sakit sa lawas pag-anha namo. We trekked four hours sa kasagsagan sa El Nino unya pwede rajud diay mudritso via habal2 WAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Hahahahaha! Pero nice rapud mag-lakaw oi kay walay pulos kung trekking. Hahaha camping rato amo guro tawag hahahaha! Dalan raman gud sya noh? Or naa juy trail?

      • Naay trail. Agi kag “Calvary Trail”. Grabe ka kalbaryo kay galagiting ang kainit sa adlaw.

        • Aaww. Wala mi katultul ato gud. Next time! Knang dili na unta mag-bagyo kay pirtiiiii jung kusuga sa hangin ngadto hahaha

          • Saturday mani diba? Gibagyo sad mi padung Lanaya ana. WAHAHAHAHA. Wa mi nakita nga view. Puro fog. WAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHA

          • Hahahaha same ra d.i ta! Puro gibagyo hahaha!

          • Lage. But at least for pila ka minutes, nawala ang fog. HAHAHA. Sulit ra ang upat ka oras nga biyahe. 🙂

          • Amo pagka ugma pa nawala ang fog! Hahahaha

          • Wow. Amazing. Nanglahos mog Salamanca Hills? Nindot raba didto.

          • Ambut lng unsa na tawag ato kay puro man ga-fog nya nag-kandayvic ug Dau Falls mi pag-Sunday hihi

  • That’s a great adventure despite the bad weather. Mt. Hambubuyog offers a great view of Tanon Strait and Negros during clear, sunny days.

    • Indeed! It was like in Batanes in the morning when the fog cleared out. T’was really an amazing experience. 🙂

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  • Liz

    Wow! Wa pa ko ka-experience ug ingkani dah! buyag. Ayaw lang intawon pero nice na experience haha

  • Brennan Mercado

    The ride to Hambubuyog is also one of the scenic habal2 trips I’ve had in Cebu. There were many Instagram-worthy stops along the way but since we were pressed for time that afternoon, we only got to enjoy the view at the peak.

    • I agree! We were able to see the jaw dropping view when we went home because it was all covered up with fog when we get there.

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