Mt. Lanaya – Rejoicing Independence

Mt. Lanaya peak
View at Calo-Calo Peak celebrating 118th Anniversary of Philippine Independence.

Filipinos don’t realize that victory is the child of struggle, that joy blossoms from suffering, and redemption is a product of sacrifice. – Como se goviernan las Filipinas, published on La Solidaridad (December 15, 1890).

In celebration of the 118th anniversary of the Philippine Independence, NCR Trekkers held up a #FreedomClimb to remember struggle of the Filipinos to claim democracy that lead everyone victorious at one of the hardest trail (6/9) to trek in Cebu, Mt. Lanaya, Alegria, Cebu last June 11-12, 2016.


Photo by: Wandering Soul Scamper. NCR Trekkers at the market.

We decided to take Lumpan Trail because we thought that it would be harder if we take Legaspi Trail and we have newbies onboard. This means that we did reverse trail from the usual where we started at Brgy. Lumpan, Alegria to Brgy. Legaspi and then to Mainit, Malabuyoc, Cebu for a side trip.

From South Bus Terminal, we rode a bus to Madridejos Market for almost 4 hours. We then took our lunch and some last buy of stuffs and food at the market too. The market is actually small and less crowded enough to cater needs of locals.

After that final preparation and ample lunch, we rode a motorcycle taxi (habal-habal) to the vast fields of crops and some mining construction at the jump off in Brgy. Lumpan.


Shutter aid: @Jumzchino. Fields at the jump off

T’was a blessing from above that the weather is so good. It’s not that hot and not raining. Just adequate enough to survive the trek. I was expecting much since we were briefed that the trail would be that hard.


Shutter aid: @jumzchino. Mini-grassland near the jump off.

We were welcomed by vast fields of crops and muddy trails as we started our trek. Few minutes later we started ascending up. It’s not YET too ascent like in Mt. Babag, but it’s still steep that will shake the fortes of your legs.


After 30 minutes, we arrived at the foot of Lanaya where we pitched our camp. Yes! We did pitch our camps that early before going to the summit. The campsite is wide enough to become playground of lost souls and jubilant adventurers and perfect spot for a dazzling star gazing at night!

Photo by: Wandering Soul Scamper. View of the campsite from the top.

The camp is near the jump off yet the peak still needs some trekking! So after pitching our tents and secured our things, we continued the adventure towards the summit.


Push! It’s like trekking to heaven. lol.

Trekking towards the summit is like marching to endless ascent surrounded with trees and countless dead leaves on the ground with mud and rocks along the trail.




Photo by: Wandering Soul Scamper. NCR Trekkers in honor for the 118th Anniversary of Philippine Independence.


After that 30-minute trek, we reached the rocky summit with an astonishing 360-degree view of the ocean and the mountains at the top! Mt. Lanaya’s summit is called Calo-calo peak because the rock formation is like a cap. The bewildering sight will get yourself awed from the tiredness of the trek. I’ll stop chatting and let these photos do the talking and of course, took some photos to honor the 118th Anniversary of the Philippine Independence.

Shutter aid: @jumzchino. Waving the flag at the peak.


Photo by: Wandering Soul Scamper: Sittin at Calo-calo Peak, Mt. Lanaya

After an hour, we went back to the campsite to prepare dinner and do the usual activities our club does during socials.




Photo by: Wandering Soul Scamper: Climbing down at Legaspi Trail, Mt. Lanaya


IT’S A BRAND NEW DAY AND THE REAL CHALLENGE STARTS! Why? The club is going down through Legaspi trail and it is one of the hardest trail in Cebu (Difficulty is 6/9, Trail class is 2-3`) with 75-80 degrees inclination for 2 hours. That’s a big and tough challenge! PLUS difficulty leveled up when the heavy rain showered! Numerous downhill slopes and rocks plus wet dead leaves will make you think you might end of rolling down to the foot of Lanaya, but thanks to the help of my friends and the branches and vines that would help you stop from rolling down. Then again where’s the fun, excitement and the fire of the daredevil without getting slipped off along this harsh muddy trail? I, by the way, slipped off thrice and my body is still aching, haha! There are times that you have to face the ground for you to step down and was more difficult for me because the raindrops keep dewing my eye glasses, and you know, “Four-eyed” haha. It was indeed the highlight of this climb!

Photo by: Wandering Soul Scamper: NCR Trekkers’ Member climbing down at Legaspi Trail, Mt. Lanaya
Photo by: Wandering Soul Scamper: Climbing down through Legaspi Trail

And finally after almost 2 hours of that rigid adventure, the beauty of a grassland with limitless view of the mountains that will welcome you and will make you PROUD of what you just went through!


Photo by: Wandering Soul Scamper. Grassland
Photo by: Wandering Soul Scamper. Grassland
Photo by: Wandering Soul Scamper

Photo by: Wandering Soul Scamper. Smile!

We were like happy kids playing at the wide grassland, running around, laughing, taking photos and realizing that we just surpassed that big challenge! We were like birds set free from cage that went through ups and downs to gain democracy, perfectly symbolizes the anniversary of the Independence. T’was really a big moment for us!


After an hour of rejoicing freedom, we traversed to Mainit Spring to give ourselves more rewards that we deserved. And I have to create another blog post for the HOT and refreshing experience at the spring. 🙂

Photo by: Wandering Soul Scamper: Some of NCR Trekkers at the jump off

To wrap up, it was really FUN! One of the best climbs for me with NCR Trekkers. It truly tested our will, the strength, the passion and the perseverance to finish what we started. Again, as Jose Rizal said in La Solidaridad, Victory is the child of struggle, that joy blossoms from suffering, and redemption is a product of sacrifice.

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